Be cautious of illegal transportation providers

We are now offering free notary service for all PTC related items and we now also accept credit or debit cards for new PVDL applications or renewals.

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HCPTC Audit 2015

HCPTC Audit 2014

2016 Vehicle Inspection Schedule

Inspections will occur during customer service hours: Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM excluding federal holidays and during inclement weather.

Vans Jan. 4 - Jan. 28
Limousines Jan. 4 - Feb. 29
Taxicabs Jan. 4 - March 31
Handicabs Feb. 1 - March 31
BLS Ambulances March 1 - March 31
Wreckers Jan. 4 - March 31
*Note: The PTC will contact each wrecker company to schedule the site inspections.

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